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Work in progress

  • Cho, Sunghye, and others at FTDC and LDC, Naomi Nevler. Lexical and acoustic speech features relating to Alzheimer's disease pathology. (in revision) [preprint]

  • Cho, Sunghye, Yong-cheol Lee, and Mark Liberman. Diachronic development of pitch contrast in Seoul Korean: A corpus study. (in preparation)

  • Cho, Sunghye. Text-tune alignment in Japanese children's songs. (in preparation)

  • Cho, Sunghye, Naomi Nevler, Mark Liberman, Murray Grossman, ... and others at Penn FTD center and LDC. Prosodic boundaries in patients with neurodegenerative disease. (submitted)

  • Cho, Sunghye, ... and others at CAR and LDC. Girls with ASD behave differently during natural conversations. (in preparation)


  • Cho, Sunghye. (2017). Development of pitch contrast and Seoul Korean intonation. Doctoral dissertation, University of Pennsylvania. [link]

  • My dissertation project explores how a tonogenetic sound change affects the intonation system of Seoul Korean. I investigate this question in depth by conducting a production experiment and analyzing two speech corpora.

  • Cho, Sunghye. (2011). Dialectal variations of English and their effects on the production and perception of second language learners. MA thesis, Ewha Womans University.

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